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Since We Started Work In 2001

Krishibid Properties Limited emerged as a private limited company through its formal registration with the joint stock companies and firms in 14 September 2008, to resolve the residential housing problems of agriculturists, service holder and valued citizens alike, in and outside the city of Dhaka, by using the best quality materials.
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Vision 2100

In pursuit of our mission, encapsulated within "Vision 2100," we aspire to redefine the real estate landscape. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we aim to transcend boundaries, becoming the foremost global real estate powerhouse. Our resolve is unwavering—we envision a future where every individual finds solace in modern, affordable residences. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, we endeavor to construct contemporary homes for over 10 million valued citizens, addressing the housing needs of communities across cities and districts. These residences will not merely be structures but sanctuaries, equipped with standard and modern amenities, fostering a lifestyle of comfort and sophistication. Join us in shaping a future where living spaces reflect aspirations, where Vision 2100 becomes a reality.

Our History

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Chairman Message

Chairman Message

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