A Modern Splendor – Navana Tranquility, North Gulshan

Event Timing
5:40 pm
Event Date
17 October, 2023

With the commitment to an exceptional living experience, the ‘Navana Tranquility’ residential building located in Gulshan meets the epitome of luxury modern living. The building is designed by Metropolitan Architects and the public areas/community spaces are designed by Studio Morphogenesis.

The single-unit residential building is set on an 8.93 Katha of land consisting of nine floors. It comprises eight apartments and a basement. The apartment is designed into two units: 4139 square ft and 4864 square ft. Each unit is composed of a clear and uncluttered layout consisting of spacious living and dining areas, guest and family rooms, and a separate service zone. The apartment is bathed in natural light, brought in by large windows and terraces, and all rooms are cross-ventilated to receive maximum air-flow. The extended balconies and terraces generate a quality landscape and are ecologically virtuous, encouraging the development of biodiversity.

Regarding building materials selection and construction high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques were chosen. Construction materials like imported cement, finest quality sand, and stones are used in constructing the structure. Newly prepared steel shuttering materials are used as formworks. Marbles and imported tiles with skim coat wall paint finishes imported ultra-clear glass etc. are used as finishing materials. The entire project is constructed as a fair-face concrete finish.

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